Hotel City Cheat! Working deh~

/ Saturday, May 29, 2010 /
Tools you need

1) Cheat Engine 5.6
2) Firefox (The best is to use the latest version)
3) Flash Player 10 or 9.0

How to hack Facebook Hotel City ?

Step 01 : Enter Hotel City
Step 02 : Important: You will need to level up for this cheat to work.
Step 03 : Important: When you level up, an envelope will appear giving you coins and asking you
to share with your friends. This envelope is needed to prevent the error from popping up!
Step 04 : Do NOT click Skip or Share yet.
Step 05 :Open Cheat Engine and select browser in process list.
Step 06 :Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
Step 07 :Scan “285A89D803285A8B” (For Coin) or "544A89C803544A8B" (For exp) *Hilangkan tanda "
Step 08 :1 address returned. Disassemble
Step 09 :Right click selected line and Toggle Breakpoint
Step 10 :Wait until you earn some coin the game will freeze. Change the EAX value on the top
right change to ‘FFFFFF’
Step 11 :Click Debug > RUN
Step 12 :You will notice that you coins have change in Hotel City.
Step 13 :Once satisfied with your coins, just close the Cheat Engine and click Skip on the
envelope and enjoy the game. The game can be saved. without error if you have done it

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