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/ Tuesday, April 12, 2011 /
Hello everybody, good morning. How are ya? Fine? Okay good. Me? Umm well... I'm sick now, and i'm typing from my cellphone again.

I just realized that there's 6 days left before national exam. DANGGG!!! I still can't understand about physics and chemistry, even my Bahasa's try out, i've still got 70/60/70. How could this be?! Cause i ain't study harder -.- my fault. Someone said that ready or not, you'll face it, baby, if i'm not wrong, my friend named Rieza or his cool name called Trabel said that to me. Well, he's right. Ready or not, we have to ready :) go, fight and win! We'll be the winner!

Well, i have something to tell about yesterday. Yesterday was...sucks. Why? I've been sick since 2 days ago. Then yesterday, i asked a teacher if i could go home or not, and he gave me some paper and i had to ask my... (What's wali kelas in english?). Fortunately, she's my math teacher and i had a math class yesterday. So i ran to my classroom, sat, and waited.

10 minutes later she came. Because i like math, so i kept sitting there until the class was over. 5 minutes before that, i met my prince charming was walking through my class!!! jfifhdnapqpfjrytycnapkf -_- then he called me, and i just smiled. So after that i canceled my plan (ask permission to go home) LOL

Okay i have to go to the doctor now, bye! Get well soon for me :)

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