Surat Cinta buat Brendon Urie ♥ (lebih gombal dari part 1)

/ Monday, December 21, 2009 /
fasten your seatbelt -_-'

@brendonuriesays if you know what i feel to you, it's difficult to say that i really love you
@brendonuriesays every time i see your face in a photograph, i kept imagining, is it possible you could be mine? (impossible idiot -_-)
@brendonuriesays i know: all that is in you is beautiful
@brendonuriesays you'll never know how crazy i am now, because of thinking about you
@brendonuriesays every lil thing you do it feels so good :)
@brendonuriesays and whatever, every songs you bring, even though detestable band, it felt like to hear melodies from heaven, it's trueee!

@brendonuriesays you like a prince from heaven sent by god to make me and the people crazy about you uhuhuhu
@brendonuriesays you've to knw how miserable i was cause i wasn't able to come to Tennis Indoor Senayan on 17 August '07 (derita lo mel -_-)
@brendonuriesays did you know? i cried when you live in Indonesia, because i wasn't allowed by my parents to go there huhuhu
@brendonuriesays honestly, my boyfriend, my ex boyfriend, my crush are NOTHING compared to you
@brendonuriesays #threewordsforyou i love you
@brendonuriesays i could stay awake just to hear you breathiiiiiing
@brendonuriesays cause even when i dream of you, the sweetest dream will never dooooo
@brendonuriesays i would do anything for you, except eating lizard, suicide and kill you
@brendonuriesays i can't stop the rain from falling, can't stop my heart from calling you
@brendonuriesays i don't care how long i'll keep this up, which i think was i'm happy with this habit.
@brendonuriesays you are the guy beyond my dreams
@brendonuriesays my heart... longs for you
@brendonuriesays you inspire me
@brendonuriesays i adore you
@brendonuriesays you are my pearl of great prince
@brendonuriesays the point is: you always on my mind you know hah hah?
@brendonuriesays i hate to love a guy like you because i know you will not ever and not likely to be mine
@brendonuriesays i know there's an ocean between us and i hope that isn't true, for every day when i appeared,i hope to be with you
@brendonuriesays every day i'll be thnkng bout you. when my eyes r closed, when i sing and dance to a love song, i'll be thinking about you
@brendonuriesays when i go to sleep in the loneliness of my room and give in to wonderful dreams i'll definitely be thinking about you
@brendonuriesays your eyes reflect the water, as your tears do the rain but the fact that i’m not with you is driving me insane
@brendonuriesays why do i wonder if you have the same thoughts as me? that's crazy rite?!
@brendonuriesays my walls have all come down, the smell of smoke is all around, and all the pictures are crooked, i love youuu
@brendonuriesays i cant breathe i know no second without u because i only dream of u because i only think of u because u're my only reality
@brendonuriesays i dreamed you last night. in my dream i held your hand an your passion flowed in me @brendonuriesays in my dream that i dreamed of you last night, i kissed your lips an tasted your sweet essence
@brendonuriesays i hate u though i love u cause you dont care for me as i'm caring for you i know how hard to explain nut this is how i feel

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