/ Friday, September 4, 2009 /
that day was the first time i started to like you, maybe it was the first day when I met you, emmpph no! but the first day to know you. i just know your name, but never know who you are. until that day i was given the opportunity to know and to get closer to you. nothing special, just a normal conversation.

i felt the vibration in my heart when i see you (alah lebay HAHAHA) hey, this is serious -_- i really liked watching you at school when you were talking to my friend. i'm glad to see your face and i was sad when i know there are other women who are near you huhuhu

huah, you are very kind, friendly and not arrogant. and i want you to be mine ;(

aaaaaaaaaaaaa iadoreyoumuahmuahrrrrrrrrrawrksss:p

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